Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Topshop Buys!

I've been shopping a lot recently :) I went to Lakeside the other day and saw this playsuit I really liked! I liked the cut of it, the double-breasted buttons, the shirt type collar, and then of course the floral pattern! It wasn't that much, considering it was from Topshop, as a lot of their stuff is quite overpriced, but so worth it at the same time! But then as I started asking peoples opinions, and some liked it, some...not so much :S but I think I'm keeping it anyway :) And then today, me and my dad went to Bluewater-I brought two rings! I'll do a post about them tomorrow maybe :) Me trying the Playsuit on in Topshop!

Happy Christmas!

So I guess this blog posts a little late, but oh well! I had a really great Christmas, together with all my family :) I have a small family really-a mum, dad, two nans, one grandad, an aunt, an uncle and two cousins! My mums best friends family is kind of like our two though... For Christmas my nan and grandad come over for Christmas dinner, and then on Boxing day, we go over to my other nans and visit the cemetery as well.

From my parents this year I got a ticket to see Whitney Houston in concert next April!! I am so excited for that :) They also bought me this dress from Kimchi and Blue at Urban Outfitters (above)-I love Urban Outfitters!! Its probably my second favourite store after Topshop! This dress is something I'd wanted for ages, one minute it was in stock, the next it was gone, then it was back, etc-so confusing. Anyway they managed to get it for me, so I was so pleased! I also got some other nice things such a necklace from my brothers, a teapot in the shape of lamb lol, a yellow floral dress, some books :) I got a piece of Benefit makeup from one of my nans and a burgundy velvet bag from her too. I was unsure whether I liked Velvet at first, so I decided to just have in a bag form for now! As I mentioned in another post, I got an Audrey Hepburn DVD collection and a vintage vogue for 1989 from my friend Jess :) I hope everyone had a nice Christmas too!
Me with my brothers on Christmas Day!

Monday, 21 December 2009


Omg it has been snowing so much! Well probably not that much, but for me it seems loads as I never usually see it lol!

Finally found a job!

I've been looking for a job for ages....... and now I have one :) I am so glad to have finally earned some money, otherwise I doubt I could have afforded anyones presents! My job is being a Sports Photographers Assistant! So I guess sports isn't really my favourite thing to take photos of, but at least its something, and still photography! Worked two weekends so far, one trampolining event, the other being gymnastics. Had to get up and be ready both times for 7am, getting home at around 7pm. Long hours :( I've brought all my families presents now, the first one I gave out was Jess'! I can't wait for Christmas!!

Vintage Vogues and Audrey Hepburn DVD's

Me and my best friend-Jess, exchanged Christmas presents the other day! I got her a necklace from Urban Outfitters, a Nails Inc nail varnish in 'Piccadilly Circus', and made her a DVD of all our best memories from this year :) And for me, she got me a box set of all of Audrey Hepburns best movies, including Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sabrina, Roman Holiday, Paris when it Sizzles, My Fair Lady and Funny Face! Also, she even got me a vintage copy of Vogue-an issue from October 1989 with Claudia Schiffer on the cover! Its so funny looking through it and seeing how much has changed from then until now. I loved both of my presents, and I could tell she loved hers too :) Watching the DVD I made makes me realise how lucky I am to have a friend like Jess, and its so nice to watch it and remember everything that's happened this year, it really has been so good! Together we've been to a Coldplay concert, to Berlin, Elle's London Fashion Weekend! Even just the smaller things we do like sleepovers or going to Costa Coffee have been great :) I hope next years just as good! Christmas is such a good time to reflect over the year, and to be thankful for all the people you have in your life.... my family and all my friends, Jess, Beth, Rachel, Vix's being some of them :)
Both my jumper and Jess' tunic are from Topshop.

Im Back Again!

So.... I haven't posted anything again for ages :S but its the Christmas holidays at the moment from school so I can start posting again now I have more time! Last time I posted, I was about to be going on holiday to Florida! Well I had the greatest time there! Me and my family went to so many theme parks and went shopping loads! :) I got a bit of a tan, but not that much. Anyway, here's some of my favourite pictures from Florida!

Monday, 26 October 2009

My Winter Coat.

A little while ago, I did a post about a Winter Coat I'd seen, but wanted to find a simular one-but for cheaper? Well, in the end I managed to find one thats slightly simular from River Island! What do you's think?

School and Sepember.

So its finally half term! I'm of to Florida in a few days time, which I cannot wait for! I am so so excited! I can't believe how fast schools gone, it makes me realise how quick its going to go before its actually time for me to leave! When I leave, I want to go to college instead of staying on for sixth form, because I want a change. Ive been there for almost 5 years now, so its getting very boring now! However, I will miss all the things I usually do there, like me and my friends sitting on the green at lunch, or doing the car share with Jess. I love on Mondays and Fridays going to Costa Coffee's with Jess, its become practically routine now! :) I got a letter about when my school leavers Prom is going to be and its next July! In a way in more looking forward to shopping for the dress, doing hair and make up, arriving and doing prom photos-than the Prom itself! I though I'd post some pictures about what I've been up to since the beginning of September-when school started up again...

These were some pictures I took whilst in the car on the way home from my cousins birthday. He went to the Natural History and Science Museums, but me, my Mum and Dad went for a walk around Knightsbridges and I brought some teabags from Harrods lol! :)
This is me and Jess sitting waiting to get picked up one day after going to Costa Coffee :D
Jess got a new kitten for her birthday, called Isla! Isla is so cute!
Also, I went to Beths Halloween Party, and to see Coldplay! The Coldplay concert was amazing! :D And I went on a school trip to the London Knitting and Sewing Show!

Sunday, 11 October 2009


Two weeks ago, along with some people from Textiles classes at my school, I went to the Knitting and Sewing show at Alexandra Palace. I don't know if any of you would have heard of it, but basically its this event were crafts and design people show of their work and there is lots of materials and things that you can buy for you own work.
There was a stall there which was selling hundreds of different types of beads. You got a bowl and could pick out ones you wanted-in order to make a piece of jewellery such as earrings, a necklace-and so I made a bracelet! I love this bracelet because its unique as the combination of beads were chosen by me. When I wear it, its fun because I know I made it myself. This is usually something I wouldn't have done, since I'm not really into DIY things as they would probably turn out wrong for me!

By the way, sorry I haven't really posted anything lately-I have been so busy at school lol! By half terms coming up, so I'll have more time soon :D

Thursday, 24 September 2009


Last Friday night, me and my friend Jess went to see Coldplay live at Wemberley Arena! It was such a great night! Girls Aloud and Jay Z were the supporting acts so we got see them as well! The White Lies were also there, but we couldn't get there in time to see them because we had school during the day. It was such a rush when we got out of school-I had an hour to get home, eat dinner, get showered, do hair and make up, and then be at the station! We were a bit doubtful about finding our way their, since me and Jess aren't exactly the best at being on trains, but it was fine, and actually surprisingly easy to get to! I'd better get used to going on the train to London everyday, because I've got two weeks of it in November for work experience!!

We were in the standing area and managed to get really near to the stage, considering how far back the standing area went. They performed songs from their newest album, but they also did some of their older songs such as Yellow, Fix You, In My Place and Clocks, etc! At the end there was fireworks, which was really great to see. My favourite parts of the night was during Vida la Vida because of the atmosphere :) And then my other favourite part was when they sung Lovers In Japan!! All of these paper butterflies were blown out over the crowds! It was just so amazing to look up into the sky and see all butterflies everywhere :D I've posted a video of the song below... and also some pictures!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Blog Award.

I was given this blog award by Emma J, at 'Every street is a Catwalk'! This is my first blog award :) So now I have to write 10 things about myself....
1. I love drinking tea!! I always drink tea at breakfast, and then when I get home from school too! Some days if its raining, and I have nothing else to do, I love sitting inside with a cup of tea and biscuits reading all my magazines. I'm so old fashioned in that way lol! :D
2. I'm in year 11 at the moment. When I go to college, I want to study photography, and textiles for definite, and then maybe media, psychology, English or Law too. After college, I want to go to university! My dream schools are either London College of Fashion or Central Saint Martins!

3. My favourite lesson at school at the moment is Textiles! I'm doing it as an extra as well as my other options; Leisure and Tourism, Geography and French. For my theme I've chosen 'enchanted garden'. I took some photos in my nans garden!

4. I love music! Coldplay, the Killers, the Virgins, the Fratelli's, Kings of Leon and Taylor Swift! I really want to go to the V Festival and to T in the Park. The only problem is that I'm not old enough yet, and the added fact that ones in Scotland!

5. Summer is definitely my favourite time :) My perfect summers day would consist of it being nice and warm but with a slight breeze in the air, with bright blue sky's. I would go to Hyde Park with my friends and take pictures. I also love just walking around London with no purpose other than to discover something new around every corner. I love the way that London's never the same.

6. I collect magazines. Every month I buy British vogue, British Elle, teen Vogue and Glamour magazine. In November, for work experience at my school I am going to Sugar Magazine!

7. I love how everyone dresses in the 50's! I love how it seemed everyone made an effort to look nice. Even the swimsuits they wore at the beach, and the nightgowns they wore to sleep in! I wish we could all revert back to the 50's, simply for all the fashion and because of the Old Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn.

8. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would love to visit New York!

9. My favourite shows are Gossip Girl, 90210, Privileged and Desperate Housewives!

10. I love my family and my friends! In the past, I've taken people for granted, but I've learnt how important it is to have people in your life like the one's I do.
My Family!
So now I have to give this award to three of my favourite blogs...

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Spain Holiday.

Me and my family went away to Spain for 8 days in the summer. I had a great time :) We stayed in this villa opposite a golf course, so we had such a beautiful scenery around us! During my time there, I went to the beach, visited a market, sunbathed! Here are some photos...
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