Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Going On Holiday.

I'm going away with my family to Spain :) I'm really excited to be going on holiday! I thought I'd just post this, so as you know why I probably won't be posting anything for a little while, since I'm not sure if there's Internet access there. Have any of you been on holiday anywhere this summer?Jean Jacket: Topshop
Top: Topshop (can't see this in the picture though)
Skirt: Topshop
Sandals: Next

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Me and my friends went to London for my birthday! First we went to Trafalgar Square, and then walked around for a bit, before going to Oxford Street! It was so much fun :) The night before, all my friends slept at my house, so we ordered Chinese! Thanks Jess, Beth and Rachel for making London such a fun day and I loved all my presents!! :D

Me and Jess in Phone boxes...

As we were walking, me and Jess saw this restaurant that looked nice with all the flowers, so we took a picture. Only later on did we realise that it was actually the same chain of restaurants that we ate lunch in, as we all ate in Spaghetti House on Oxford Street!We tried on massive fur coats in Topshop :DOn the train on the way home...Me with my Topshop bag :) I brought a denim jean jacket, and a striped top!
Dress: New Look
Sandals: Next
Bag: River Island

Monday, 10 August 2009

Corn Fields and Blue Sky's.

So this weekend I went to my Nans caravan in Clacton. It was rather boring there, but at least it was really hot! However I did take lots of photos, due to getting on a little street train that took me and my brother to a different site, so we had to walk back.

What happened was that I wanted to walk to the club house to see if the Internet would work, but as it was so hot, I couldn't be bothered. And then this little train that drove along the streets turnt up, so me and my brother got on it-seeing as it said it would take us to the club house! However it started going in the opposite direction to were we wanted to go! But it was quite fun anyway, so we stayed on there. It ended up taking us to the other caravan site nearby's club house. So ironically-I didn't want to walk in the first place, but ended up having to walk 20 minutes back anyway! And then because there was a nice corn Field there, and a really blue sky, me and my brother took some photos for this blog!! :)

Top: River Island
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: Next
Bag: River Island

This was us on the train...

My outfit on Sunday...

Top: Topshop
Shorts: Topshop
Bag: River Island
Sunglasses: H&M

On the journey home along the country lanes...

Friday, 7 August 2009

One Summer's Day...

So back in June; Me, Jess and Rachel slept over at Beth's House! It was so much fun :)

Well, me and Jess are big on photography-I especially love nothing more than taking photos of everything! So we kind of did a miniature photo shoot lol-118 photos in total to be exact, all just ones of us jumping around in the garden and doing loads of random poses! Then one day, I decide to make it into a video, along to the sound track of the Killers-When you were young :)

I know it's not very good but it was just for fun :D And by the way, at 0.34 - the picture of me taken from another time was just a joke put in there because my dad says I look like Jesus or someone from the olden days in that outfit :S

I just thought I'd post it since I'm kind of wishing the weather would go back to being as nice as it was that day-seeing as the whole 'heat wave' thing yesterday didn't really last long. This video just reminds me of one of the funnest days of my summer...

Happy Birthday Dad!

Omg-it was like a massive heat wave yesterday! I was so glad that it had finally turnt hot again and I could wear some summery clothes, rather than jeans! So this is what I wore...
Top: White embroidered anglaise top, Topshop
Shorts: Topshop high waisted denium shorts
Sandals: Next
Bag: River Island
And since it was my Dads birthday, I thought Id post a picture of me and my family all together! This was taken earlier this year in January, whilst we were on holiday in Antigua :)

Celebrity Role Models.

I was on Teen Vogues website, and they were asking people about there favourite celebrity role models. Mine I would say are Audrey Hepburn, Nicole Richie and Ashley Olsen. Yes they all extremely different people, but all people I admire, look up to and respect.

I started writing a comment on the site, and then wanted to post here about why they are my role models...

I have admiration for Audrey Hepburn. She was a woman that held such grace and elegance, and she was eternally beautiful. Not only on the outside was she beautiful, but I believe she had a beautiful soul. She helped communities from all over the world and was a great humanitarian whilst working for UNICEF. She was and still is such an inspiration. She grew up during wars, but she still managed to make something out her life. She never gave up, and she lead a life of determination. I also look up to Nicole Richie. I admire how she managed to completely turn her life around; from ‘wild child’ to the woman she is today. I see some other celebrity mothers, but only a few seem as devoted as she is to Harlow. I think her life has been some what a perfect fairytale-from how her life has had many lows, yet she came out on top, and for that she is admirable.
Finally, I admire Ashley Olsen. She has been in the public eye from an extremely young age, yet somehow she has managed to stay true to herself. She has not followed the same path as everyone else; going to prison or falling out of nightclubs. Instead she has used her love for fashion, and created two fashion lines; The Row and Elizabeth and James. I feel she has such a great work ethic, and this is shown in her and her sister Mary-Kate's book-Influence...
As a little girl, I was practically obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley. I would collect their books, their magazines, their movies-anything with there name on it, I had. I don't know why I had this fascination with them, but there was just something about them that seemed so unique, as if they weren't like other child stars. And I guess now, that fascination has carried on. Except now, I don't covet board games and dolls anymore, now I lust after their wardrobes. Ashley's especially. I think she has such an ornate sense of style and this is why she stands out as a style icon.
All of these people have such amazing style, and this is just one of the things, I feel, that makes them such role models. They have all shown such positive examples for the most part, and have influenced the the way I dress and inspired my love for fashion.
So who are your favourite celebrity role models, and how do they inspire you?

Amazing Photos

I was on the Blog 'Every Street is a Catwalk' and there was a post, containing some of the most amazing and summery photos which I loved, so I just wanted to show two of my favourite from there... I especially love the yellow tint on the first one!
Does anyone know which magazine or where these photos were from, because I would love to find the rest of the them from the same shoots.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Winter Coat.

Last winter, I kept seeing people with a style of coat that I loved, but I could never find one like the ones I saw in shops. But earlier I was looking at some pictures of the new coats for this season for ideas, and I saw one I loved, and was practically the same as the ones I saw in London. Only, it was Phillip Lim, which is obviously way to expensive for me! So I wondered if any one has seen simular designs elsewhere that were cheaper? I love the length of this coat, and the buttons, everything about it really!


Just a quick outfit post. I went Lakeside yesterday, and this is what I wore...
Top: New Look
Leggins: Topshop
Scarf: Primark
Bag: River Island


I love music! I think my favourite bands have got to be The Killers, Empire of the Sun, The Virgins, The Fratellis, Kings of Leon, Kasabian, and Metrostation :D I figured the Virgins aren't that well heard of, so I'd put a few of there songs on here to see if anyone else likes them? :) The Virgins are small band from New York, and I first heard them on Gossip Girl, when Nate was listening to his ipod-the song Rich Girls!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The September Issue

I can't stop watching this trailer! Its so captivating to just see the rush of energy held in a two minute long trailer. I mean, there is just so much going on, and its so amazing to see all these different clips of behind the scenes at Vogue. I love Vogue magazine, I've been collecting it for ages, and one day I would love to work in the journalism industry-Anna Wintour has like my dream job lol!

When the Devil Wears Prada came out, I sat watching in the cinema, in awe of how fabulous that whole industry seemed, and practically ever since then Ive had a major obsession with magazines and almost everything fashion related. But at the same time, I knew that that film was also rather fictionalized. Yet now, I will finally get to see what really goes into making of a magazine!! OMG :D

Anyone else excited to see it?

Monday, 3 August 2009


Me and my family went to Chessington Theme Park yesterday! Theme Parks aren't really my favourite thing in the world lol, but it was actually quite good :D My brothers loved it though :P

This is what I wore...
Jeans: Miss Selfridge Skinny Jeans
Top: White tank top from Topshop
Shirt: Checked shirt from Republic
Shoes: Gladiator sandals from Next
Sunglasses: Aviators from Primark!
Ring: H&M
There was these weird mirrows inside this Ice Age 3 thing lol
Sorry its a bit blurry, but my Mum took it whilst the ride was going! :D
Joe and my Dad..
Ben trampoling haha :)On the waterfall ride! We did buy this in the end...
In the queue....
Ill be back there on the 15th because we go there every year on my brother Bens birthday lol!
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