Friday, 7 August 2009

One Summer's Day...

So back in June; Me, Jess and Rachel slept over at Beth's House! It was so much fun :)

Well, me and Jess are big on photography-I especially love nothing more than taking photos of everything! So we kind of did a miniature photo shoot lol-118 photos in total to be exact, all just ones of us jumping around in the garden and doing loads of random poses! Then one day, I decide to make it into a video, along to the sound track of the Killers-When you were young :)

I know it's not very good but it was just for fun :D And by the way, at 0.34 - the picture of me taken from another time was just a joke put in there because my dad says I look like Jesus or someone from the olden days in that outfit :S

I just thought I'd post it since I'm kind of wishing the weather would go back to being as nice as it was that day-seeing as the whole 'heat wave' thing yesterday didn't really last long. This video just reminds me of one of the funnest days of my summer...

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  1. Such a cool video! I love looking at all the pictures and you girls are so cute! xxooxxo


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