Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The September Issue

I can't stop watching this trailer! Its so captivating to just see the rush of energy held in a two minute long trailer. I mean, there is just so much going on, and its so amazing to see all these different clips of behind the scenes at Vogue. I love Vogue magazine, I've been collecting it for ages, and one day I would love to work in the journalism industry-Anna Wintour has like my dream job lol!

When the Devil Wears Prada came out, I sat watching in the cinema, in awe of how fabulous that whole industry seemed, and practically ever since then Ive had a major obsession with magazines and almost everything fashion related. But at the same time, I knew that that film was also rather fictionalized. Yet now, I will finally get to see what really goes into making of a magazine!! OMG :D

Anyone else excited to see it?


  1. I cannot wait either !!
    it does look really good fun and interesting

  2. I love the look on Oscar de la Renta's face when Anna tells him to leave an outfit out. Priceless! And did you get a look at the Teen Vogue Handbook? It looks pretty cool, and Anna contributes some advice. xx


  3. I was so happy when I hear that they're making this documentary! It's a must-see for me! xxoxoxo

  4. I've watched it loads too. It looks amazing.


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