Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Winter Coat.

Last winter, I kept seeing people with a style of coat that I loved, but I could never find one like the ones I saw in shops. But earlier I was looking at some pictures of the new coats for this season for ideas, and I saw one I loved, and was practically the same as the ones I saw in London. Only, it was Phillip Lim, which is obviously way to expensive for me! So I wondered if any one has seen simular designs elsewhere that were cheaper? I love the length of this coat, and the buttons, everything about it really!


  1. That is a very chic jacket. I was on the Topshop Website and thought I saw one similar to it, but the buttons were a bit bigger. Here's the link:


  2. That has to be the most perfect winter coat..I love it!x

  3. I love it too!

    Olga xx


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