Friday, 31 July 2009

My Birthday.

So Wednesday was my birthday :) I got lots of nice things such as an Audrey Hepburn canvas for my bedroom, a sewing machine, and lots of clothes! All my family came over and we had a BBQ! I'm going to London with my friends in a few weeks to celebrate it instead of now, because I'm waiting for my friend Jess to get back from Spain first. All day I went around taking pictures with everyone at my birthday, but her are a few of my favourites!..

Dress: Grey Tassle Dress from H&M
Shoes: Pale pink patent bow heels from ASOS

Above: My outfit in theory -
Below: My outfit on me...
Some of my favourite presents: My Audrey Hepburn canvus, Book-Influence, Green River Island bag and some Topshop Rings!
This is me and my cousin - Leigh :)
This is me and my Mum! :D Then us two with my Dad also! Me and Scarlett! She is so cute!! And finally, I must mention this amazing dress I got the other day in H&M when I went shopping to Lakeside with Beth! It has sequins all over :D I was looking for a dress like this, and my friend Jess got one back in February last time she was in Spain! It sparkles!!! I LOVE IT!!And then to finish it all off with a cup of tea after the rain lol!

Thanks everyone who made my 15th birthday so great! Ily all xxx

The Summer.

I am so excited about this summer. The holidays have really only just started and I have so much I want to do! Its my last summer before I leave school, and so I want to make the most of having so much free time whilst I can! The summer is my favourite time of the year! I love the heat and just the summery air even, because its different from usual. And its not just as though you can't see the difference in season by looking around, you can just tell. I love the fact that the days go on for longer, and it gets dark later. Plus theres no school :) This summer is going to be so great! ♥

Above is a picture of me and my best friends: LEFT TO RIGHT: Me, Jess (lower down), Rachel and Beth!

Below are some of my favourite pictures from this summer so far...

Photos from London Zoo...
I love this photo cos it looks like we're in the outback! This photo took FOREVER to set up and then - the grass covers my face!

Before I almost choked on melon! Scaried thing ever :S
I love florals! My floral playsuit and Beths floral dress!

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