Friday, 31 July 2009

My Birthday.

So Wednesday was my birthday :) I got lots of nice things such as an Audrey Hepburn canvas for my bedroom, a sewing machine, and lots of clothes! All my family came over and we had a BBQ! I'm going to London with my friends in a few weeks to celebrate it instead of now, because I'm waiting for my friend Jess to get back from Spain first. All day I went around taking pictures with everyone at my birthday, but her are a few of my favourites!..

Dress: Grey Tassle Dress from H&M
Shoes: Pale pink patent bow heels from ASOS

Above: My outfit in theory -
Below: My outfit on me...
Some of my favourite presents: My Audrey Hepburn canvus, Book-Influence, Green River Island bag and some Topshop Rings!
This is me and my cousin - Leigh :)
This is me and my Mum! :D Then us two with my Dad also! Me and Scarlett! She is so cute!! And finally, I must mention this amazing dress I got the other day in H&M when I went shopping to Lakeside with Beth! It has sequins all over :D I was looking for a dress like this, and my friend Jess got one back in February last time she was in Spain! It sparkles!!! I LOVE IT!!And then to finish it all off with a cup of tea after the rain lol!

Thanks everyone who made my 15th birthday so great! Ily all xxx

1 comment:

  1. blooming beautiful lucy :)
    no seriously I love your outfit so gorgeous and a lucky spot in H&M i must say x
    The shoes make it though I<3THEM
    I NEED a new pair!


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