Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Outfit Post.

Stripy Top: New Look
Kharki Shorts: H&M
Yellow Skirt: H&M
Gold Ball Necklace: Topshop
Tan Bag: Primark

Oh-in the first picture, you can still see the H&M green label on the shorts because I had literally just got in and tried them on so I hadn't had a chance to take the label off yet!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Fun Day.

Dress from Topshop. I cannot wait for summer-tans, sunshine, the beach.

Finally found my Prom Dress!

So in July my Prom's coming up! For my dress I knew I wanted something quite simple, something that was more timeless than something of trend right now. I doubt this dress is really all that timeless but, it reminding me of old Hollywood! I found this on eBay. It so exciting because I didnt't own anything vintage until this, and what's even better is this is from the 50's! I can't believe that this dress in practically 60 years old yet is still in such perfect condition! I can't wait to get to wear this on prom night!!

Sunday, 18 April 2010


So I went shopping to lakeside on Saturday with Jess, and I brought these Owl hair clips! They are so cute :) Jess got some bird ones! Although these clips seem to be purely for decoration purposes, since they can only manage to hold back a few strands of hair at a time. They are really tight to get out, but Ill wear them anyway! Tomorrow its back to school, and I do not know how I will ever manage to wake up on time! I got a blackberry over the holidays and I cant seem to get the alarm to wake me up :S

Monday, 12 April 2010

Urban Outfitters Nail Varnish.

The other day in London, I brought two nail varnishes from Urban Outfitters :D I never knew they sold these until then, and because it was buy one get one free, I brought a brown one and a green one. But the green is more turquoise in real life, just as the brown, is more of a grey. I think they both look nice still, and the quality of the nail varnish is so so good! I painted my nails with the brown last Wednesday night-its now Monday daytime, and yet despite obviously washing my hair since then (which would usually chip nail vanish a lot), it is still in a perfect condition. I will definately buy colours of Urban Outfitter nail varnishes!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

London Haul.

I was meant to be working on the Wednesday and Thursday of this week but at the last minute it was put to another date, so suddenly I had 2 days free :) On the Wednesday, my dad was going up to London for work or something already, so I travelled up there with him, and he went of to do whatever it was, and I went shopping at Oxford Street! I went into Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Zara, River Island, New Look, H&M! That was the first time I've actually been shopping without someone, and in London as well :S Luckily, I didn't get lost on the trains or anything, and just got a Club Sandwich out of Pret A Manger for lunch :D I'd been saving my money up for quite a while, so this is what I brought...
I got this bag out of H&M :) I'd wanted a fringed bag for ages, and I love the bags H&M do.This top is one I'd seen on the website ages ago, and wanted...The same with this playsuit, I saw it on the website. I wish the bottom part of this playsuit was more structured though, but I really like the asymmetric shoulder and subtle floral print. This shirt from Urban Outfitters was kind of expensive for a top, but I did really like it. I love the print on it, and the edging along the collar and sleeves.I'd read in Elle about Topshops new make up collection, and then when I was in Urban Outfitters, I noticed these nail varnishes :) It was buy one get one free, so I chose this green colour and brown one...
I did also buy a swim suit from H&M, which is black with massive pink flowers, and with a big bow on one of the shoulders, because it too, like the playsuit is asymmetric :)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Chloe Sevigny Elle Cover.

I really like this months Elle cover. I haven't really liked there most recent ones-I thought Liv Tyler was a bit of a dull cover, I thought Cheryl Coles was quite boring and I didn't like the Kate Hudson one either. Natalie Portmans was kind of interesting, Helena Christensens okay.... but finally for the first time in ages I find this Elle cover fun! Its not that I didnt like the cover stars feature inside the magazine good, but I felt the covers lacked something..
Anyway, I love how Chloe Sevigny dresses! In Chloe at a Chloe event!I love leather coat and Doc Martins!
In Chloe, and in Chloe again!Above: More recently in Valentino at the Golden Globe.

I love how she tends to wear a slightly masculine item, such as a blazer, with really more girly stuff. She's worn quite a lot of Chloe in the past!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Oscar Favourites.

So the Oscars were a few days ago, and these were my favourite three dress' of the night!...
#1 - Cameron Diaz
I loved Cameron Diaz's dress!!! I think everything about it was perfect. My dream Prom dress would probably look something like this. I must start looking for a prom dress soon! I also love the red lip Cameron wore!
#2 - Zoe Saldana
Zoe's dress is amazing! I love the colours, the way it gradually transforms into a dress so different from the top of it. It is such a beautiful dress. The purple hue's look so nice again Zoe's skin tone. I think the earrings and ring compliment the dress so perfectly.
#3 - Miley Cyrus I'm never really too keen on the outfits Miley wears, but I really liked this dress! I love how the sparkly embellishments graduate down! I think the two different textures of the dress' top and bottom half's look so good together, and I love the colour too. I think Miley's hair styles quite rockish for this dress, but then I guess that's what gives it Miley's style anyway...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

London Fashion Weekend.

A few weeks ago, me and Jess went to the Elle London Fashion Weekend! It was really fun, but the show bags didn't really have as good stuff as last year. We both brought a green frog paparazzi bag and Jess also brought a toner! We both wore dress' from Topshop, Blazers and Biker Boots lol. It's non-uniform day at my school friday, not too sure on what I'll wear yet but probably my outfit I wore to my friend Beths house a few weeks ago!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Just a picture for now...

I still haven't managed to get the rest of the photos off of my friend yet, but here's just one photo she sent me of me at LFW!
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