Saturday, 1 August 2009


I love magazines. I have continuously collected Elle, Vogue, Glamour and Teen Vogue every single month since May of last year. Time and time again my mum tells me to throw some out because were running out of space :S


  1. lmao lucy :)
    they are too good to throw but i but admit I throw mine away after every 4 months normally.
    unless of course there is a particualr article i want to keep etc

  2. That's a really cool collection you have there :) I love collecting magazines too, I still have some from 2004 lol. I like using them to make fashion collages and paintings. And hopefully your mom doesn't toss them out. I know mine did when I was collecting the British mag Sugar, and they're all gone now :(


  3. Omg I cant believe how big your magazine collection is getting lol! My mum and dad wanna throw mine away too cos there afraid they will fall through the ceiling lol! J x


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