Friday, 7 August 2009

Celebrity Role Models.

I was on Teen Vogues website, and they were asking people about there favourite celebrity role models. Mine I would say are Audrey Hepburn, Nicole Richie and Ashley Olsen. Yes they all extremely different people, but all people I admire, look up to and respect.

I started writing a comment on the site, and then wanted to post here about why they are my role models...

I have admiration for Audrey Hepburn. She was a woman that held such grace and elegance, and she was eternally beautiful. Not only on the outside was she beautiful, but I believe she had a beautiful soul. She helped communities from all over the world and was a great humanitarian whilst working for UNICEF. She was and still is such an inspiration. She grew up during wars, but she still managed to make something out her life. She never gave up, and she lead a life of determination. I also look up to Nicole Richie. I admire how she managed to completely turn her life around; from ‘wild child’ to the woman she is today. I see some other celebrity mothers, but only a few seem as devoted as she is to Harlow. I think her life has been some what a perfect fairytale-from how her life has had many lows, yet she came out on top, and for that she is admirable.
Finally, I admire Ashley Olsen. She has been in the public eye from an extremely young age, yet somehow she has managed to stay true to herself. She has not followed the same path as everyone else; going to prison or falling out of nightclubs. Instead she has used her love for fashion, and created two fashion lines; The Row and Elizabeth and James. I feel she has such a great work ethic, and this is shown in her and her sister Mary-Kate's book-Influence...
As a little girl, I was practically obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley. I would collect their books, their magazines, their movies-anything with there name on it, I had. I don't know why I had this fascination with them, but there was just something about them that seemed so unique, as if they weren't like other child stars. And I guess now, that fascination has carried on. Except now, I don't covet board games and dolls anymore, now I lust after their wardrobes. Ashley's especially. I think she has such an ornate sense of style and this is why she stands out as a style icon.
All of these people have such amazing style, and this is just one of the things, I feel, that makes them such role models. They have all shown such positive examples for the most part, and have influenced the the way I dress and inspired my love for fashion.
So who are your favourite celebrity role models, and how do they inspire you?


  1. Those are some chic role models :)


  2. All their styles are great! Remember preppy boho lol! My celebrity role models are Marilyn Monroe, Kate Winslet, Nicole Richie and Leighton Meester! Not just for their style but for talent aswell lol! J x


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