Sunday, 23 August 2009


Me and my friends went to London for my birthday! First we went to Trafalgar Square, and then walked around for a bit, before going to Oxford Street! It was so much fun :) The night before, all my friends slept at my house, so we ordered Chinese! Thanks Jess, Beth and Rachel for making London such a fun day and I loved all my presents!! :D

Me and Jess in Phone boxes...

As we were walking, me and Jess saw this restaurant that looked nice with all the flowers, so we took a picture. Only later on did we realise that it was actually the same chain of restaurants that we ate lunch in, as we all ate in Spaghetti House on Oxford Street!We tried on massive fur coats in Topshop :DOn the train on the way home...Me with my Topshop bag :) I brought a denim jean jacket, and a striped top!
Dress: New Look
Sandals: Next
Bag: River Island


  1. AHH! i'm awfully jealous! tell me all abt it when u're back. it's been forever since we last chat. ur day in london looks really good. hopefully we could do smth like that in the future! lols.

    P.S i love the top shop denim jacket!

  2. Omg I look terrible in all them photos lol! That was such a fun day lol at coffee cup! Them coats were amazing we have to buy one when its seatwave and of course you'd have a dog too lmao! J x

  3. omg those pictures of you and Jess are so great, I really like those! Topshop is amazing :)


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