Thursday, 24 September 2009


Last Friday night, me and my friend Jess went to see Coldplay live at Wemberley Arena! It was such a great night! Girls Aloud and Jay Z were the supporting acts so we got see them as well! The White Lies were also there, but we couldn't get there in time to see them because we had school during the day. It was such a rush when we got out of school-I had an hour to get home, eat dinner, get showered, do hair and make up, and then be at the station! We were a bit doubtful about finding our way their, since me and Jess aren't exactly the best at being on trains, but it was fine, and actually surprisingly easy to get to! I'd better get used to going on the train to London everyday, because I've got two weeks of it in November for work experience!!

We were in the standing area and managed to get really near to the stage, considering how far back the standing area went. They performed songs from their newest album, but they also did some of their older songs such as Yellow, Fix You, In My Place and Clocks, etc! At the end there was fireworks, which was really great to see. My favourite parts of the night was during Vida la Vida because of the atmosphere :) And then my other favourite part was when they sung Lovers In Japan!! All of these paper butterflies were blown out over the crowds! It was just so amazing to look up into the sky and see all butterflies everywhere :D I've posted a video of the song below... and also some pictures!


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