Sunday, 11 October 2009


Two weeks ago, along with some people from Textiles classes at my school, I went to the Knitting and Sewing show at Alexandra Palace. I don't know if any of you would have heard of it, but basically its this event were crafts and design people show of their work and there is lots of materials and things that you can buy for you own work.
There was a stall there which was selling hundreds of different types of beads. You got a bowl and could pick out ones you wanted-in order to make a piece of jewellery such as earrings, a necklace-and so I made a bracelet! I love this bracelet because its unique as the combination of beads were chosen by me. When I wear it, its fun because I know I made it myself. This is usually something I wouldn't have done, since I'm not really into DIY things as they would probably turn out wrong for me!

By the way, sorry I haven't really posted anything lately-I have been so busy at school lol! By half terms coming up, so I'll have more time soon :D

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  1. totally cute bracelet I love how you know no one else has got it because you made it yourself
    Uniqueness rules x


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