Monday, 26 October 2009

School and Sepember.

So its finally half term! I'm of to Florida in a few days time, which I cannot wait for! I am so so excited! I can't believe how fast schools gone, it makes me realise how quick its going to go before its actually time for me to leave! When I leave, I want to go to college instead of staying on for sixth form, because I want a change. Ive been there for almost 5 years now, so its getting very boring now! However, I will miss all the things I usually do there, like me and my friends sitting on the green at lunch, or doing the car share with Jess. I love on Mondays and Fridays going to Costa Coffee's with Jess, its become practically routine now! :) I got a letter about when my school leavers Prom is going to be and its next July! In a way in more looking forward to shopping for the dress, doing hair and make up, arriving and doing prom photos-than the Prom itself! I though I'd post some pictures about what I've been up to since the beginning of September-when school started up again...

These were some pictures I took whilst in the car on the way home from my cousins birthday. He went to the Natural History and Science Museums, but me, my Mum and Dad went for a walk around Knightsbridges and I brought some teabags from Harrods lol! :)
This is me and Jess sitting waiting to get picked up one day after going to Costa Coffee :D
Jess got a new kitten for her birthday, called Isla! Isla is so cute!
Also, I went to Beths Halloween Party, and to see Coldplay! The Coldplay concert was amazing! :D And I went on a school trip to the London Knitting and Sewing Show!

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