Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Happy Christmas!

So I guess this blog posts a little late, but oh well! I had a really great Christmas, together with all my family :) I have a small family really-a mum, dad, two nans, one grandad, an aunt, an uncle and two cousins! My mums best friends family is kind of like our two though... For Christmas my nan and grandad come over for Christmas dinner, and then on Boxing day, we go over to my other nans and visit the cemetery as well.

From my parents this year I got a ticket to see Whitney Houston in concert next April!! I am so excited for that :) They also bought me this dress from Kimchi and Blue at Urban Outfitters (above)-I love Urban Outfitters!! Its probably my second favourite store after Topshop! This dress is something I'd wanted for ages, one minute it was in stock, the next it was gone, then it was back, etc-so confusing. Anyway they managed to get it for me, so I was so pleased! I also got some other nice things such a necklace from my brothers, a teapot in the shape of lamb lol, a yellow floral dress, some books :) I got a piece of Benefit makeup from one of my nans and a burgundy velvet bag from her too. I was unsure whether I liked Velvet at first, so I decided to just have in a bag form for now! As I mentioned in another post, I got an Audrey Hepburn DVD collection and a vintage vogue for 1989 from my friend Jess :) I hope everyone had a nice Christmas too!
Me with my brothers on Christmas Day!

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