Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fun in the Snow.

Lately, its been snowing a lot here!! Yesterday I went over to Jess' house. Its always so fun there, we also walk to Tesco to get some lunch lol. In the summer we always got pasta pots and melon, but now its got colder we've bought short breads yesterday and the last time :) Jess brought Vogue, but I already have it so I brought Glamour. We walked back and Jess made some hot chocolate, I made some tea and we sat and talked for ages :) Her cat Isla kept trying to jump on the cage of one of the pigeons that had been brought inside lol. After we got all dressed in so many layers-I had my coat, over a jersey blazer, over a cardigan, over a playsuit with tights (probably a bad choice for the snow!), and my biker boots on, along with a massive scarf and black gloves. Jess had her new Worker Boots on!! They are so nice :) So over we went to the Park, and I wish we had sledges! I thought about using a piece of cardboard but quickly decided against it. We walked to the top of the hill, and sat on the bench there. The snow was blowing directly into us, and the wind was so cold, so we ran all the way down the hill again. Suddenly deciding all the snow would be good for photos, we got Jess' camera, and headed back to the Hill... We then took loads of photos, jumping around in the snow, it was so fun! After a while, our hands felt frozen, and we didn't want to risk catching hypothermia or frost bite (I know it wasn't that cold but it honestly did feel like it!), so we went back into the house. We went on Twitter (follow me- after uploading all the photos. Played sing star for a bit and then I got picked up and went off home!
Outfits: Me-Coat, River Island, Biker Boots, New Look, Scarf Topshop. Jess-Worker Boots, New Look, Coat-River Island.

Has anyone got Twitter? What have you been up to in the snow this year?


  1. ohhh love these pics! so jealous we NEVER EVER get snow where i live just bushfires ha. i am on twitter link on my blog xx

  2. So these are the photos that you were telling me about! :)


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