Thursday, 28 January 2010

Trip to London.

On Monday it was a teacher training day... so me and Jess went to London. We went into Topshop, American Apparel, Primark, Urban Outfitters, H&M. We ate in McDonald's. All day going through the train barriers, my ticket never worked once, so by the end of the day it was getting pretty annoying having to keep going to the assistants! We both brought lots of stuff! Jess got two necklaces, both Topshop, one of which was a short necklace with a pearl heart shaped bead and an anchor, the other was a green/blue type jewel stone necklace. The second necklace she brought was exclusive to the Oxford Street store, so that was quite fun to find there. I brought some small red rose earrings. I don't usually wear earrings, but both me and Jess were saying how we really want to get back in to wearing them again :) Also, I got a cameo ring, as well as this top that is a pale green colour, with an exposed zip at the back. At the back, its quite sheer though, whereas on the front of the top, it is folds of fabric. They had it in pale pink too! I might take it back though, as it did seem really expensive for a top.
The Cameo ring, and the top-here it looks rather grey coloured but below is the picture from the Topshop site which shows the real colour...

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  1. oh so jealous i miss shopping in london soooooooo bad


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