Thursday, 7 January 2010

This blog?

Something I wanted to mention, is the fact I'm wondering if this blog has gone down hill a bit :S I started this blog in the summer, in July, and after a few weeks I started getting quite a few comments, and it felt like people were taking an interest in it. But then I didn't post as regularly when I went back to school after the summer, and so I think I may have lost a lot of readers. If there is anyone still reading this post, please comment this post! Say what you like about this blog, or what could make it better, what sorts of things you like that I blog about, what would you want to see more of? I would really really appreciate that! :) I love doing this blog but I don't think theres much point if no one sees it? Tell people of blog if you think it's good.. I want to try and get some readers again!! :)

I just signed up to twitter today! My twitter is- I did sign up for twitter before, but I kind of forgot my account.... Anyway-anyone who has twitter, follow me if you want to!

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