Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Years Eve!!

Happy New Year everyone! For New Years Eve, my Mum throws a party at a local hall and the money raised goes to my Brothers school. My friend Jess came, so it was really fun! :) This year we decided to get ready at Jess' together before going to the Party! That was fun, and we both put on fake eyelashes! I hadn't worn fake eyelashes before, so I was hoping they would come of easily.. luckily they did! Jess slept over after to save her Mum coming to pick her up at midnight. It was such a great night! I wore my Urban Outfitters dress again and Jess wore a playsuit which was also from Urban Outfitters!
My New Years Resolutions are to do more exercise, because I do absolutely none at the moment which must be so bad for me considering the amount of chocolate and McDonalds I do; I would say eat more healthily but I doubt that would happen lol! Also to do more new things this year, and to save up money for clothes so as I have a better wardrobe by this time next year! What are your New Years Resolutions?

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