Sunday, 7 February 2010

My Dress.

Today I went to Canary Wharf for my Nans birthday, we ate lunch at a restaurant there. I wore one of my favourite dresses! A 1920's flapper style dress from H&M! The first time I wore this dress was on my 15th Birthday...Dress: H&M, Blazer: Primark, Bag: Topshop. Me and my cousin Leigh....


  1. this is such a stunning dresss, and your hair is beaut! xoxo

  2. aahh! you look so gorgeous!
    and i remember that dress ^-^ it's so chic! =3

    you look like a doll!!!

  3. Lovely dress!! You and your friend are so cute!! xoxoxo

  4. Gorgeous dress and blazer!
    And, pretty hair :)


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