Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Berlin Memory

Around this time last year, me and my friends would have been going to Berlin! I had the greatest time there. It was so cold, yet we'd wander around the streets of Berlin all day long, stopping at Starbucks every now and then when we started to wonder if we could get frost bite from how cold we all felt. We'd take pictures of buildings, half of which we didn't even know what they were called. We listened to our iPods, on repeat to Coldplay, as sometimes the sound of their music seemed to match how we felt; depressed from boredom of tirelessly walking, following a tour guide, it seemed like one street lead to another, and another, and another. Which it obviously did, being a city and all, but still. I guess we were only bored as all we wanted to do was be warm, when it was a temperature of -15 or something drastic like that. Also the fact we had had to wake up at 5 every morning to be ready for our 6 call time. I think my favourite thing about Berlin though, was the walking round but when it was starting to get dark and the city started to light up and look really pretty! I really want to go back soon!


  1. beautiful i have been to germany but only to munich i so so wanted to go to berlin...ah its an excuse to go back now! xx

  2. I love Berlin :) I used to to an intership there so I stayed in berlin for 3 months :) miss it so much :) :)

  3. I've been there once !
    Seing those pictures of starbucks really makes me wanna go there :D


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